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Culture of discussion in the forum - culture of debate about PN
Please do not return on the same level if someone misbehaves, but contact the admin via PM, whereby attention is also paid to compliance with the board rules. In order not to destroy the substance and subject matter of the relevant threads, please resolve / resolve such conflicts via PN. Threads about forum behavior in general are possible, but not a venue for personal conflicts.

No discussions about the board rules
The board rules are not up for discussion. Those who do not want to adhere to them are referred to other forums and their concepts. If anything is unclear or inconsistent, the admin is happy to discuss the problem via PM. This forum focuses on long-term quality. Hence these forum rules. Anyone who demands more quality can contribute at any time with high-quality postings. Here, too, you can always contact the admin with constructive criticism via PM. The board rules also apply to the PM and email contact form area.

Do not publish real names, photos, PMs, e-mails and e-mail addresses of other people in the forum. The use of parts of a name or parts of an e-mail address or excerpts from PMs is also not permitted.